Solomon keim holiday show


Solomon Keim’s quartet performing holiday tunes for a sold out show of 300 people at the Fox Hollow Golf and Country Club Ballroom. The first crowd enjoyed a catered meal and light jazz, and the concert crowd came to see the highlight: A focused band and tight arrangements.


Featured on guitar and tenor saxophone is Alex Malkovich, St. Petersburg local that is dominant in every instrument he plays. On string and electric bass is Erik Hempel, an internal part of the entire creative industry in Florida. In the center on drums is Nick Love, coming out of Lakewood high school. On the far right is Berklee student Anthony Aldissi, playing piano and Alto saxophone.


This wonderful band kept the crowd, fans, and press entertained for the whole set, playing jazz, originals, and of course holiday songs. This event was produced by Solomon Keim, featured on tenor saxophone and alto sax, and Joseph Manna handling catering and front of house. This catered event brought in people from all over the region and had some great moments captured below


Thank you to everyone who attended the holiday show, and we can’t wait to see you again soon


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